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Mashroat National Projects Platform is a secure platform to support entities monitor the progress of their infrastructure projects and measure their performance, as well as to provide decision-makers with important information readily and easily. “National Projects” Platform was established to address the challenges that may encounter some infrastructure projects. Entities decision-makers are, through this new platform, able to identify the issues that may arise during the project progress, so as to avoid any delays in the project progress or budget overruns.

National Projects Platform provides its users an authorization to upload and view information easily and in a visual manner through accessing projects detailed reports which include data on safety, quality, cost, schedule, and manpower to measure progress and performance. This will assist decision-makers to identify issues that may arise during the project progress and hinder its performance for early intervention and to limit any impacts.

National Projects Platform is designed specifically to serve all Saudi Public Entities that deal with infrastructure projects funded by the Ministry of Finance. Mashroat also provides training on the use of the platform to all entities employees.

Any entity that has uploaded its projects data to the platform will have access to their own data and reports prepared by the platform in such regard, as well as to monitor the entity’s overall performance in project management, which shall support decision-makers to have full information and clear vision on their projects portfolio.

Data is updated manually via a data entry form approved in the system, where each entity is responsible for updating its own projects data on a monthly basis.

Each Public entity is responsible for uploading its own data after obtaining approval from its management. Applicable procedures will monitor the uploaded information and ensure its validity.

Mashroat mission is to enable public entities achieve a comprehensive transformation in project management and adopt best international practices for the benefit of the entity itself and the benefit of its beneficiaries, in addition to raise the efficiency and sustainability of the Kingdom infrastructure projects. National Projects Platform is an important tool used to support such transformation as it provides unprecedented features accessed by public entities and their decision-makers. Accordingly, Mashroat encourages all entities to contact the platform team to know more about its features and use. This provides an opportunity to be part of the Kingdom’s ambitious vision towards raising the infrastructure to international best practices.

Mashroat developed this platform within18 months, and will continue to develop it to add many new features.

Mashroat provides access to this platform to all public entities free of charge. It also provides support and relevant training programs after coordinating with the entity to train and qualify its employees on the use of the platform to be able to manage their data and update them on a monthly basis.

Mashroat will periodically evaluate the information and data provided by entities, and if any challenges arise, Mashroat will support the concerned entity and provide assistance to overcome any obstacles related to the project, as well as recommendations to correct the course of the project.

The platform ensures high security and confidentiality of every entity’s data. The entity may access and update its data without making such data available to to other entities or for the public view.

Mashroat gives a great deal to information security, therefore, it is complying with the best security measures to secure and protect data, in addition to applying cybersecurity regulations followed in the Kingdom.

As an initial stage, the platform has been developed in English only because most of the information provided by the consultants in infrastructure projects is in the English language. Mashroat is working continuously on developing the platform to provide two languages option.

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