• Entity Enablement When was Mashroat established?

    The Council of Ministers approved the Resolution # 485 dated September 2, 2015 announcing the establishment of the National Project Management Organization.

  • What type of projects Mashroat is addressing?

    Infrastructure Projects.

  • To whom Mashroat provide its services?

    To all E-PMOs in all the government entities.

  • When Mashroat will start the roll out of the program?

    November, 2017.

  • What is Mashroat?

    Mashroat is a National Project, O&M Management Organization meant to Support the Management of Projects in Public Entities and Target to contribute in upgrading the quality of project execution in public entities through applying the best international practices in project management.

  • Is Mashroat going to execute projects by itself in the future?

    As requested by the government.

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